Ramon Rodrigues

Ramon is a Brazilian artist, one of the greatest names in his generation of woodcut printmakers. Having studied drawing, painting and printing in both Brazil and Argentina, he perfected his technique with discipline and hard work. From the drawing, to the carving, to the printing, there he is, with a firm hand and the silent patience that’s so particular to print masters. Slow and steady. 

“Isn’t it China ink?” – that’s a common reaction from those who first get to know his work. The level of details, the subtlety of his lines, the shadows, the lightness of his strokes and all of his work can really make one question if it really is woodcut. When one gets the chance to see Ramon carving, one can get a feeling that he the wood is simply standing aside for him. As all great men in their craft, he makes it look easy.

Industrial Design (UDESC) and Design Master (UDESC)

Exhibists / solo / collective
Faculdades ASSESC (Florianópolis)– 2007; Café Matisse/Centro Integrado de Cultura (Florianópolis)– 2007; Bar Açores (Florianópolis)– 2007; Café das Artes (Florianópolis)- 2008; Cor Galeria (Florianópolis) – 2013.Coletivas: Centro Integrado de Cultura (Florianópolis)– 2008/2009; Vecchio Giorgio (Florianópolis) – 2011; Maratona Cultural – Galeria Cor (Florianópolis) – 2012; Fundación Lebensohn (Buenos Aires) – 2012; Fundacíon UOCRA (Buenos Aires) – 2012; Palácio Cruz e Sousa (Florianópolis) – 2013 

Galeria Cor (Maratona Cultural) – 2012; Atelier SC (Florianópolis) – 2012; Galeria Plus (Goiânia) – 2012; Floripa Tem (Florianópolis) – 2013; Atelier SC (Florianópolis) – 2013; Cor Galeria (Florianópolis) 2013



Ramon Rodrigues

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