Oscar Fortunato

Oscar Fortunato is a man of the arts. Also, he is punk. These two statement combined can share a light on this artist that believes that art is work. Having learned silk screening at a young age, for making band’s T-shirts for himself, he was a DIY punk long before knowing what Punk was. 

The Brazilian artist moved to London in 1999, where he attended Oxfordshire School of Arts. Having gotten back to his homeland in 2003, he started producing and getting exhibitions and prizes. 

His technique in printing is self-taught and handed 100% by the artist, from assembling the screen with reused wood, to printing, he takes control of all the stages of his art. Not only does he take care of it, he takes it to a whole new level: screen printing manually on cylindrical surfaces, on porcelain, on the floor or anywhere his imagination roams and his hands can get a grip. 

This DIY approach and his alchemist soul have rendered a unique technique called linoplasto, in which the artist produces a maleable layer of dried petrol-based paint and creates not only beautiful pieces, but a wonderful sensorial experience.



Oscar Fortunato

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